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In the packing machine industry, food packaging,cosmetic packing has become very common. Various kinds of granular,powder and liquid, etc. and pickled products such as pickles, soybean products, preserved fruits and other foods which need fresh preservation are increasingly as a irregular shape bag type. it will attact more attention.


Vertical packaging machine, whether it is domestic equipment or imported vertical packaging machine, the wear and tear of machine parts and small shortcomings are unavoidable. Our factory will share the common problems, causes and treatment methods of the machine here, hoping to help you to a certain extent. 1. Defects of cross-sealing hot roll: poor sealing. Reasons: poor heat dispatch, lack of push spring pressure or uneven pressure. Processing method: The suitable pressure and temperature should be selected according to the thickness and variety of packaging materials used. If the sealing temperature is too high, the sealing will be white. The packaging film at the sealing place is easy to peel off. The pressure of each heat sealing roller is adjusted by pushing spring, and the temperature of the roller is controlled by the temperature controller. There are pressure dispatching buttons at the left and right parts of the horizontal sealing roll, and each dispatching button is composed of push-pillow packaging machine buttons and pull buttons. If only push buttons are used, excessive pressure will be exerted on the hot roll, which will easily lead to poor sealing. Therefore, push buttons and pull buttons should be properly used. The dispatching buttons at the two parts of the horizontal sealing hot roll are installed to avoid uneven transverse force.

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