How automatic packing machine works


How automatic packing machine works(how can you operate the packing machine)

Guangzhou heyi Automatic packaging machine widely used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, health food industries.Now mainly used for,beans,milk powder,shampoo,cream, chocolate,tablets,pills with irregular shape bag or side sealing bag type or back side sealing bag type packaging.

So the automatic packaging machine in our life, the scope of use is so broad, how it works? With the improvement of the degree of automation, People's Living Standard has been greatly improved. In the use of packaging machines and technical aspects have been improved. The quality of the product packaging is closely related to the temperature system, the speed accuracy of the main engine and the stability of the tracking System. So what is a tracking system?

The tracking system is the control core of the packaging machine, and the tracking accuracy is further improved by using forward and backward bidirectional tracking. The use of tracking system in the production process of packaging materials errors can be timely compensation and correction, to avoid the waste of packaging materials. Detection if after tracking the predetermined number of times still can not meet the technical requirements, can automatically shut down to detect, to avoid the production of waste; as a result of the use of variable frequency speed control, greatly reduce the chain drive, improve the stability and reliability of machine operation, reduce the noise of machine Operation. Ensure the packaging machine efficient, low loss, automatic detection and other multifunctional, fully automatic High-tech level.

Automatic packing machine In addition, some additional configuration in the automatic packaging machine is essential, such as the date batch code machine, a variety of feeding system configuration, the structure design, inflatable configuration, There are many additional configuration to assist our automatic packaging machine to Work. 

Whole set operation including the filling,weighing,sealing and cutting.

full sets work automatically,very easy to operate.including how to put the film on the machine,how to adjust the cutter,how to adjust the bag former and bag length etc.

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