President of packaging machinery industry association visited guangzhou heyi investigation


Hope for peace:

1: we are doing very well now, but we have to be cautious because the market is ruthless. As a small business, we have to adjust to the change of the market, with the needs of users to adjust the technology of equipment, only in this way in order to remain invincible in the market.

2: hope and in our tang general led, it must be one step a footprint, slowly but surely, solid focused to do our own things, casting brand market, professional creating perfect 】 【 on the idea of the packing machine, we make contributions to our industry, and also hope that the enterprise under the leadership of the two can make greater contributions to win honor for our industry. For easy all employees have a good backer, have a good development and efforts. In addition, I also hope that our enterprise and easy thriving, have a very bright and beautiful future.

3: to employees: I have been to many large and small enterprises before, but heyi has its own characteristics. I just saw my colleague introduce the company very well. Everyone in a platform, since we gathered in easy is also a kind of fate, in easy this stage, we must enjoy the play, you must and easy company development, a total advance and retreat. Settle down, because the current society is very impetuous. Young people should not aim too high, say one thousand to ten thousand must be down to earth. As long as you shed sweat, heart, effort is the gold will shine. The easy work as a home, home is to everyone to create brilliant. See and easy cultural construction, birthday some activities, feel very warm. I also felt very warm when I came in, because everyone applauded me. So I will often come and easy to learn and communicate.

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