Rigorous research and development

The technicians of the R&D department adhere to the spirit of science and aim at the market demand,so that they fully realize that the rigor of research and development data is closely related to product quality,and constantly optimize the design ideas,topology,control and compensation strategies,process routes,etc.the design line specification is drawn,rigorously treats each technical difficulty and details,continuosly improves the efficiency and precision of product design,and creates new highlights for the industry many times.


Crafted work:

Based of the product performance requirements and the concept of "screw",we constantly optimize the assembly process and fine-tune each small action.Using the spirit of "bees"as the concept,jointly discuss and carefelly scrutinize,overcome each tecahnical difficulty,ensure that hidden dangers are not injected into the hands of customers,and establish a corporate mission of "providing valuable products for customers"

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