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Guangzhou heyi,as the biggest packing machine factory in Guangzhou,produce kinds of automatic packing machine to pack many different liquid,granular,powder ,tablets,pills etc.

As a professional packing machine factory,we can give you some advice to choose a matched  packing machine.

if depend on the bag type,you can make three sides sealing bag type,four sides sealing bag type,back side sealing bag type or irregular shape bag type

If depend on the material,liquid packing machine,powder packing machine,granular packing machine,counting packing machine

if depend on the speed,single lane packing machine ,double lanes packing machine and multi lanes packing machine.

How to choose a matched and good packing machine.

1,need to know what do you want to pack?

2,how many grams or ml for each bag?

3,what is your bag type and bag size?

the reason why chose Heyi automatic packing machine

1,we are a big packing machine factory in China ,with long history,21 years

2,we have many different packing machine fit for your many different situation.

3,we have a big engineer team

4,we have the best after-sale service,if our packing machine have any problem,we can fly to your factory to help you solve problems

4,one year warranty for our packing machine

need know more details,pls kindly check our

or contact with Queenie for more details and videos for reference

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